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Find Hot Jobs in 2016

Jan 4, 2016 | Harrison College

Find Hot Jobs in 2016

Your courses and future degree can lead you down various career paths, so understanding which fields — and even which specific jobs — are in high demand can help you identify the best opportunities for finding a job after graduation.

Below, we have compiled a list of jobs projected to have the most growth and openings in 2016 and beyond. Most of the jobs, you might notice, can be categorized in the health care and technology industries. To help guide your exploration of educational programs, we also have listed Harrison College degrees and diplomas that correspond with these careers. These degrees and diplomas will allow you the opportunity to obtain the skills relevant to these fields, but Harrison College does not represent, promise or guarantee that a student or graduate will obtain employment in these career fields upon graduation.

While this is not a comprehensive list of in-demand jobs, it will assist you in your search for a future career. For more information on these jobs and how this list was compiled, visit these articles from Inc., Bureau of Labor Statistics and Business Insider.

Hottest Jobs in 2016

Nurses and Medical Assistants

Registered nurse is slated to be one of the most in-demand jobs in the coming years, with a projected 16 percent growth in employment opportunities. Medical assistants, nursing assistants and home health aides also top the list from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Related Harrison degree(s) or diploma(s): Nursing Associate of Applied Science Degree program, RN-BSN Bachelor of Science Degree program and Medical Assisting programs.

Information Technology

Information technology (IT) jobs seem to keep growing, growing, growing! Inc. reports that application (app) developers, web developers and network administrators are continuously in demand. In fact, approximately 45,790 open job opportunities posted for web developers need to be filled. Software developers, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, made an average of $95,510 annually in 2014, a number that seems like it will rise with the growing demand for labor.

Related Harrison degree(s) or diploma(s): Web Developer Diploma program, Network Administration Associate of Applied Science Degree program and Information Technology Bachelor of Science Degree program.

Sales & Business Jobs

Sales manager roles rank number four on Inc.'s list of hottest jobs for 2016, with approximately 53,000 jobs posted that remained unfilled. The Bureau of Labor Statistics also mentions sales representatives, office managers and customer service representatives on their list.

Related Harrison degree(s) or diploma(s): Business Management Bachelor of Science Degree program and Business Associate of Applied Science degree program.


While health care, IT and sales jobs get a lot of attention, a few financial careers also make their way onto the lists we found. Inc. says close to 40,000 financial management job openings need to be filled. The Bureau of Labor Statistics also highlights accounting and auditing as a top job to keep an eye on, with a projected 10.7 percent increase in employment over the course of the next decade.

Related Harrison degree(s) and diploma(s): Accounting Bachelor of Science Degree program and Accounting Associate of Applied Science Degree program.


Now that you know a little bit more about popular and growing job fields, be sure to check out some of the corresponding programs we offer at Harrison. To find out more about our degree and diploma programs, visit our Degrees.

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