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How to Prepare for the New Term over the Holidays

Dec 21, 2015 | Harrison College

How to Prepare for the New Term over the Holidays

As the holiday season gets into full swing, faculty and students are starting to relish the opportunity to relax. But while the winter vacation can be a time to sleep in, reconnect with family and friends and enjoy a little bit of freedom from academic and other responsibilities, staying focused on your educational goals is still important.

To help you get ready to fully enjoy the breaks that the holiday season might bring, here are a few pieces of advice to prepare you for the upcoming term:

1) Preview the upcoming term.

The holiday break is the perfect time to look ahead to the upcoming term to make sure you understand your schedule. This simple, ten-minute task can ensure you do not have questions about your classes, and it will give you confidence going into the next term.

2) Clean up old notes and other materials.

This may seem somewhat time-consuming, but it is actually a great organizational technique to keep the clutter out of your way for the next term. Take a look at all of your notes and other materials – both in your notebooks and on your computer – and get rid of information you definitely do not need anymore but also file away information you may still need as you complete your program. You will be able to start fresh next term, so remove any unnecessary or irrelevant items to help you focus on the forthcoming important steps in your academic career.

3) Make a list of needs.

Now that you have cleaned up your notes and other materials, write down a list of materials you will need, such as additional notebooks, pens, pencils, a calculator or a new software program for your computer. Once you make this list, you will know exactly what you need to get the most out of your classes next term.

4) Set goals.

While you may already know what your main goals are – such as graduating and getting a job right after college – some goals might be brand new based on your recent experience from the previous term. For instance, maybe you are not too happy with your grades because you did not study as much as you would have liked. One of your goals, then, might be to study for a certain amount of time each week.


There is no doubt that you may be excited for the holiday break. If you are struggling to prepare for the next term, follow some of the tips in the list above, ask a friend or family member to keep you in check or reach out to a Harrison College team member for support.

For more academic advice, check out our other blogs about Student Life 101. Have a wonderful holiday season!

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