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How Valuable is a College Education?

Dec 3, 2015 | Harrison College

How Valuable is a College Education?

You may wonder whether college is worth the investment of your time and money. You might have questions such as, “How will I be able to pay off student loans?” or “Why would I go to college when I can get a job right out of high school?” Those questions, and many more, are ones you should definitely ask yourself. To get you started on your journey toward understanding the value of a college education, here are a few reasons why attending college is worth it.

1. You could make more money.

The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco says that “the average college graduate earns over $800,000 more than the average high school graduate by retirement age.” The Federal Reserve Bank of New York puts that number at “well over $1 million.” While these numbers are estimates and may depend on career field and your location, your college degree could give you a big financial boost over the course of your working life.

2. You are more likely to get a job.

Job applicants with a college degree are more likely to have the opportunity to interview for a job—and are more likely to get hired. While interviewers look for work experience and other accomplishments, they also want to find well-educated candidates to fill their workforce. Especially when they have large pools of applications to sift through, employers may use educational experience as a differentiator or deciding factor in interviews.

3. You can gain work experience while in college.

Colleges do not just offer classes. At Harrison College, for example, you can gain valuable work experience in internships and externships before graduation. Even our labs—such as our medical labs that allows you to simulate health care setting and procedures—and application courses offer you practical, hands-on lessons. Our college degrees involve both academic and professional training, which makes you a more marketable candidate for many job openings.

4. You have the opportunity to build your professional network.

In college, you have the chance to meet many like-minded, career-oriented people. Building relationships with others is one of the best ways to find out about new jobs and get professional recommendations. For example, if you meet someone in college who ends up getting a job at a law office, he or she may be able to recommend you for a job when that law office is hiring.

5. You can enhance your social skills.

While you build your professional network, you will also be working on your social skills. Interacting with new, diverse individuals trains you to be ready for different social scenarios, including interviews. The more you practice talking with people, the better you will become at making conversation. Effective communication skills will benefit your career opportunities in the future.


As you consider the next step in your academic, personal or professional life, we are always here to help you weigh your options. If you think a college education is the right choice for you, contact us today.

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