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Information Technology Degree: Becoming a Data Engineer

Aug 10, 2017 | Harrison College

Information Technology Degree: Becoming a Data Engineer

Are you looking for a new career? There may have never been a better time to capitalize on the specialized skill sets required in today's marketplace. 

With an increased need for specialized training in business, many individuals are opting to pursue a career in data engineering. The reason is simple:

Data engineers are considered one of the best jobs in America with an average salary above $100,000. But even though there is a high demand for data engineers there are many tools required to succeed.

Forward thinking employers are looking for candidates that are ready to fulfill the needs of tomorrow, not just today. An Information Technology Degree will help you get there. 

Here are some things to know about using your degree to become a data engineer:

How Do Data Engineers Contribute?

With today's focus on data and analytics, Data Engineers provide an essential skill for operating a wide range of technology tools and applications. Everyone from government agencies to large commercial concerns requires Data Engineers perform key tasks.

While the needs of each business are different, Data Engineers typically perform design, implementation, and analytics on data. 

We live in a digital economy. To get some grasp on the need for Data Engineering just take a look at the internet or the apps on your smartphone.

Companies and organizations use data to perform better, make decisions, and design strategy. Data Engineers use their key skills to enable these functions.

The Skills of a Data Engineer

Because Data Engineers are responsible for gathering and dissecting different data sets they also need to be skilled in a wide range of tools and technology.

Part of each Data Engineers skill set requires:

  • Coding 
  • Understanding of Data Architecture 
  • Skill with SQL and other Database Technologies 
  • Machine Learning 
  • Operating System Expertise 
  • Data Warehousing Tools 
  • Analytics 

With a variety of skills and experience, it is important to have guidance on how each of these aspects of Data Engineering fits together. 

Making It All Work 

While there are as many ways of looking at data as there are data sets, a Data Engineer is essential because they take the information and put it to good use. 

In your new career as a Data Engineer, you will become intimate with the data of your company or organization and turn this information into productive business models.

This connection between information and results is why businesses and organizations are willing to invest heavily in the right talent. 

The Right Information Technology Degree

Not all information technology studies are created the same. While there is an increasing demand for data engineers there is no question these applicants need to be highly trained and prepared to contribute to the workforce. 

Harrison College offers the information technology degrees you need to get started in your new career. 

You can have the future you deserve. Make it possible with a degree from Harrison College. Contact Harrison College today to get started with the information you need about pursuing a degree in Information Technology.

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