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Job Hunting Social Media Do’s (And Don’ts)

Jul 26, 2017 | Harrison College

Job Hunting Social Media Do’s (And Don’ts)

Congratulations on accomplishing your lifelong goal of earning a degree! A degree in higher education opens limitless opportunities for your career, your family and your future. Now, it’s time to advance on your career path. Unfortunately, all of the hard work, time and effort put towards earning a diploma can be quickly taken back by unprofessionalism on social media profiles. When job hunting after college, use social media to your advantage and learn how to professionalize your social media accounts.

Update Your LinkedIn and Resume

LinkedIn is a crucial source that can assist you in your post-grad job search. While it connects you with others in a professional career setting, it can also be detrimental to your chances of finding a job. Are your LinkedIn experiences up-to-date? Is the information grammatically correct and factually accurate? Does your LinkedIn account represent a hardworking, experienced professional ready to take on a career? Your profile should be updated just as your resume is – up-to-date, accurate and without flaws. Use this platform as a way to showcase your experiences rather than tell about them (compared to a resume.) Publish your work, express who you are and connect with professionals who can help you succeed.

Networking and Research

When your LinkedIn is updated, you also can use this platform as your go-to job searching assistant. Use LinkedIn and other social media platforms to connect with other recent grads and experienced professionals. Research companies and learn what industries and companies you’re interested in. Take those companies and make connections that can help you in the long run. Give those individuals a call, send them an email and set up in-person “dates” to build your network. Researching companies and making connections with professionals will put you another step closer to finding your dream career.

Professionalize All Social Media Accounts

Just as you’re looking for an employer, employers are looking for you. It’s important to appear professional on all social media platforms. Take down all inappropriate photos having to do with drinking or partying and don’t use bad words or vulgar language. Upload a couple nice, professional-looking photos, use correct grammar and display your personality. You don’t have to be an active, social media connoisseur, but you need to at least have an appropriate, professional social media preference that assures employers you’re a correct fit. You could even tailor your social media profiles to employers by posting articles, sharing industry information or connecting with professionals.

Now that you’ve graduated and professionalized your social media profiles, you will be set to take on a career! While social media can be a disadvantage when searching for a job, it can also be optimized to better your chances of making connections. For more tips on resumes, interviews and other career advice, check out our blog or make an appointment with our career services department.

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