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You’ve Earned Your Degree– Now What? Job Hunting Tips For a Recent Grad

Jul 18, 2017 | Harrison College

You’ve Earned Your Degree– Now What? Job Hunting Tips For a Recent Grad

Earning a degree is a lifelong achievement that provides bigger and better opportunities for you and your loved ones. Now, as you’re handed your diploma, you can look back and appreciate the hard work and time that was put towards earning a degree. But, now what? What do you do after you fulfill your educational journey? Pursue a career that you love while supporting your family. Read more to learn some important job hunting tips for after you receive your diploma.

Be Proactive.

Now that you have the education to back up your skills and knowledge, use that same amount of effort to find a career. You can’t sit back and relax and watch the job come to you. You have to put forth the effort, be proactive and do all that you possibly can to have that job offer fall in your lap.

Job Hunting is Bigger Than the Internet.

While LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster, Ziprecruiter and other online job sites are important, these are not the only sources you should rely on when finding a job. Take advantage of those online sites, but don’t forget to do some networking OFF the internet. Talk to people, get to know them, learn about the job they have, make those connections, and don't forget to utilize the career services offered at your campus. If you continue to put in the effort and learn to network with different people, online and off, you’ll be able to find a job in no time.

Make Your Resume Solid: On and off the paper.

Now that you’ve earned your degree, go back and rework all of your experiences on your resume. Tweak your employment history to show off your skills and expertise. Highlight the newfound knowledge that you earned from gaining a higher education. More importantly, confidently know your experiences by heart AND be able to talk about them. Knowing your past experiences and when/how to talk about them will make you stand out in an interview. Tailor your experiences to the job position and pursue the angle of being a knowledgeable expert for the job at hand. 


After earning your degree, you have every reason to feel confident when searching for a job, when talking to recruiters and when going on your interviews. You are now a step ahead and you have obtained the knowledge and skills that will set you apart from the rest. Now, use them! Be confident and know, before looking for the job, that you are more than qualified and prepared to take on the next opportunity.

At Harrison College, we support and take pride in our students and their efforts to use their degree to better their lives. Congratulations on fulfilling your educational journey! You’ve sharpened your resume, applied for jobs and have moved onto the interviewing process. If you need more interview tips or resume advice, head to our blog or make an appointment with our career services department.

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