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Keep Your New Year's Resolution This Year with the Help of Harrison College

Dec 29, 2015 | Harrison College

Keep Your New Year's Resolution This Year with the Help of Harrison College

The New Year is a time for new starts and new goals. From simple plans to big resolutions, starting January off right can set the tone for the whole year. At Harrison College, many students have resolved to better their lives and careers through education. Helping our students keep these resolutions is at the core of our mission, so we provide resources to help future students get involved and to keep current students on track.

If you are looking to stay on top of studies this year, balance work and school or start a new educational journey, see how Harrison staff and services can help you this New Year.

Student Affairs Services

Whether you are signing up for your first class or entering your final course, you can rely on our Student Affairs department to advise you on academic, personal and professional matters. From Academic Advising designed to ensure students have the support they need while selecting the right courses to WellConnect, our online tool that assists students with personal issues such as solving conflict at home, we strive to support students in many facets of their lives.

Financial Aid & Planning

Managing a budget is a common resolution of many, but it can be particularly difficult for students juggling multiple responsibilities. Harrison participates in a variety of financial aid programs, which help make degree and diploma programs affordable for eligible students. To help encourage students to pursue their studies and support a continuous education, we offer the Tuition Freeze Program. This program keeps tuition rates the same for students from the time they enroll until graduation. You just have to remain enrolled continuously in a degree-seeking program.

In addition to financial aid, Harrison also offers financial planning services. Through WellConnect, students can manage their debt, find housing and much more. From financial aid programs to helping students manage personal finances, we strive to help students keep their resolutions.

Graduate Together Grant

Starting back to school can feel overwhelming, and many people work well when surrounded by a support system. To help students keep their educational resolutions, Harrison seeks to foster community with students, staff and faculty to create that support system. One program designed to do just that is the Graduate Together Grant. The program is simple: sign up together, stay in school together and earn grants to together. Here is how it works:

  1. Enroll at Harrison College with a friend, and each of you will receive a $250 grant once you start classes.
  2. When you each complete half of the credit hours toward your degrees, each of you will receive an additional $500 grant.
  3. Then, in your last quarter prior to graduation, each of you will receive another grant in the amount of $1,000!

Each year thousands of people make New Year’s Resolutions. At Harrison, we are dedicated to helping our students keep these resolutions. From faculty and staff support to its financial aid staff, Harrison has built a community designed to encourage students to succeed. To learn more about our support services and how you can start your academic journey today, call a Harrison representative at 888.544.4422.

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