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Should I Earn a Medical Assisting Diploma?

Aug 1, 2017 | Harrison College

Should I Earn a Medical Assisting Diploma?

Medical assisting is a great way to break into the medical field for more reasons than one. Earning a Medical Assisting Diploma can open a lot of doors and opportunities. You'll have to read on to learn more!

Do medical assistants work in hospitals and clinics? Yep. 

Are they nurses? Nope.

Let's look into exactly what a medical assistant does then. 

What Does a Medical Assistant Do? 

Medicine and treatment aren't the only things going down at a hospital. There's a lot that happens in between (and behind) the scenes to make sure that everything runs smoothly and the technical work gets done, too. 

Medical assistants need to have many skills for both administrative and clinical duties. This is one of the biggest things that separates them from registered nurses. 

Assistants may be tasked with setting up future procedures, answering the phones, reaching out to and staying in contact with insurance companies, and collecting vitals from patients. 

Apart from being an assistant to the physicians, medical assistants also handle some of the billing as well as coding. Jack of all trades, these are the busy bees you've probably seen darting between desks to patient rooms and beyond. 

A medical assisting diploma program trains students to be reliable, well-rounded aids to hospitals and clinics around the world. 

3 Reasons Why You Should Get a Medical Assisting Diploma 

Besides the obvious fact that medical assistants help people who are truly in need, there are many reasons why someone might consider the career, namely: 

1. Growth

A degree is a degree, helping students become paid employees. Beyond simply getting a degree, though, choosing the medical field means plenty of room to advance. The medical field is diverse and requires many levels of involvement. 

Starting a career as a medical assistant gives a lot of exposure to the field while setting the individual up to move around and up. At this level, it's easy to make relationships and have questions answered by knowledgeable professionals. 

2. Medical Assistants Are in High Demand 

There are plenty of job opportunities all across the country for medical assistants. New hospitals and clinics open all the time, and the medical field will be around for as long as humans will. 

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the medical assistant field is projected to grow 23% by 2024. This high demand means that this job will have a lot of career stability now and in the future.

3. Fast Training 

Medical Assistant Programs are relatively quick when compared to other degrees (such as four-year degrees). Training programs and degrees in this field can take as little as a year or two to complete. 

It may also be an option for some without any higher education. If training is necessary, there are even online training options available. 

Where do you start?

At Harrison College, our courses are designed to help students from all walks of life succeed in stable career paths. With plenty of options and up-to-date resources, students prepare for their careers in a conducive environment. 

Want to know how you can get started? Request more information from Harrison College, and get the ball rolling today!

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