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May 2, 2016 | Harrison College

Teacher Appreciation Week 2016

Today marks the beginning of Teacher Appreciation Week. Teachers innovate, educate, encourage and support student when many may have felt they could not be.

Harrison College president and CEO Dr. Jim Hutton takes a moment to thank all instructors at Harrison College and The Chef's Academy during Teacher Appreciation Week 2016!

Video Transcription

Hi, I'm Dr. Jim Hutton. I'm the president and CEO of Harrison College. While I'm proud to hold that position I'm equally proud of the fact that the first seven years I worked in education was as a teacher.

We want to thank teachers that work tirelessly to educate, engage, innovate and encourage students of all ages and all walks of life to better their life. I also hope you enjoy the little tokens of recognition that we have sent you this week. We hope you enjoy the cookies and we hope you’ll enjoy the signatures that all of your students have given in your support, and we hope many of your students will just walk up to you as we are doing now and say thank you.

For me, one of my most memorable experiences with a teacher was late in life. I was 40 years old considering whether or not to get a doctorate and I really had decided not to. I told one of my professors that I would be 45 years old before I finished the program. He said laughingly, “well guess what whether you do this or not you’ll be 45 years old in four years anyway.

With that motivation I moved forward and tackled the goal I really thought I never would. And there’s many stories we all have of how teachers have impacted our lives and changed lives.

If you’re a student viewing this, please take the opportunity this week and every week to thank your teachers. Teachers truly do have an impact on all of us, and teachers truly do touch tomorrow through their influence on all students at all walks of life.

On behalf of Harrison College, The Chef’s Academy, staff, communities, employers and all of our family we want to thank you from the bottom of our heart for being the teacher you are and caring for students the way you do.


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