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Tips to Kick-start Your Career While in College

Nov 4, 2015 | Harrison College

Tips to Kick-start Your Career While in College

You enrolled in college to help land that dream job, right? So, while it is important to focus on your studies and strive for a good grade point average (GPA), you will need to combine these factors with some real-world experiences in order to kick-start your new career. Our advice: determine your career goals sooner rather than later. Once you know where you want to go, we can support you on your journey toward achieving your dreams.

Check out these three tips to learn how you can be proactive in landing a successful post-grad job while you are still enrolled in school.

1. Complete an Internship and/or Externship

Many of Harrison’s programs build in time to complete an internship and/or externship. When you apply for a job after graduation, many interviewers want to know if you have gained valuable work experience, even while you were attending college. Many times, a degree is only the starting point for your success, so it is beneficial to supplement your classroom knowledge with actual workplace experience, which may give you an edge over other job applicants.

Internships and externships provide you with this rewarding opportunity. To learn more about internships and externships, contact the director of career services at your local campus, or read more on how to find and apply for an internship.

2. Make Connections

Take advantage of every opportunity to network, network, network! While at your internship or externship, use the time to meet as many people as possible and ask them about their career path, such as lessons learned, tips and tricks or even other job openings they may know about. If you are volunteering at an animal shelter and are interested in joining the veterinary field, take time to get to know the other volunteers and employees who share your interests. In addition to sharing the same passion, your new contacts may be able to teach you new skills and practices you will need for the future.

Networking opportunities are not limited to work-related settings. Job fairs and career events are also available for you to meet and connect with people in your field. You can also join a networking group, which is an organization available to professionals in a certain field. Through these groups, you may meet people whom you want to job shadow for an afternoon. Don’t hesitate to ask if they’d be up for it! Though these opportunities may seem intimidating at first, making professional connections can help you get your foot in your dream industry even before you earn your degree.

3. Volunteer

You are likely leaning toward a specific career because you are passionate about the area. Chances are high that there are organizations in your area or surrounding neighborhoods connected to this field that have volunteer opportunities available – if you cannot find any online, do not hesitate to call and ask! Through volunteering, you also have the chance to learn more about the options available in your chosen industry and gain hands-on experience, similar to an internship or externship.

Dedicate time every month to get involved with a company or organization within your field. Not only is this a good networking opportunity, but you can also add your volunteer experiences to your resume!

By following this advice, you can put yourself in a great position to enter and succeed in your industry of choice. We know you lead a busy life, so it’s important that you find opportunities that work with your schedule, and at Harrison, we are here to help. If you are interested in learning more about these opportunities, or would like additional advice for preparing for your future career, we invite you to connect with the Career Services team.

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