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Top 5 College Phone Interview Questions You Should Prepare For

Oct 18, 2017 | Harrison College

Top 5 College Phone Interview Questions You Should Prepare For

More Americans are getting college degrees than ever before. This also means more and more people are acing college interviews.

While college interviews might seem like a terrifying thing, the questions are actually meant to help both you and the school decide if you are a match. Don't worry though, you won't get questions that make you feel dumb or put you on the spot.

It's important to remember that in a way, you are also interviewing the school. They want to make a good impression on you, too. Have some confidence, and show off your smarts and your personality in a college interview by being prepared.

With a little prep-work, you'll be able to answer phone interview questions in a relaxed and confident matter. Hey, you might even have a little fun during the interviews once the nerves subside.

We've done the research for you and have created a list of 5 popular questions you might get during your college interview.

1. Why Do You Want to Attend This School?

Colleges love to ask this question first and foremost, partly because it strokes their ego a tad, but also because they want to see if you have a genuine interest in their college.

You need to know the school inside and out to be ready for this question. Colleges do not want to hear generic answers like, "I think it's a great school!" Get specific about degrees or programs you think are invaluable.

2. Who Is the Biggest Influence in Your Life?

This question might come in other interesting forms of phone interview questions like, "What historical figure do you most identify with?" or "Who is your hero?". These questions can catch you off guard if you aren't prepared.

Think about figures in your life or in world history that you look up to. Find people you admire and carefully consider how they have influenced your life for good. Be ready to explain exactly why or how they've changed you.

3. What Will You Contribute to Our School?

Another question that will require anything but a bland and generic answer is how you'll give back to your school community. If you can identify what makes you unique and awesome, then you'll be able to easily share with them how you'll contribute.

You will diversify your campus just by being you. Share your interests and passions with them that might enrich the community.

4. Tell Me About a Challenge You've Overcome

When it comes to phone interview questions, this one has some meaning behind it. They want to figure out how you deal with adversity and solve problems.

College will surely confront you with many challenges, and they want to see if you are prepared for those through these phone interview questions. Colleges want students who can take on a challenge, solve it and move on with their goals.

5. If You Could Do One Thing in High School Differently, What Would It Be?

This is perhaps one of the phone interview questions for college admission that should really be asked much later in your life. For most of us, there is no shortage of answers to this question.

Comb through your time in high school and think about something you could go back and change if you could, and why.

Make sure it's a meaningful event. Be prepared to explain how the outcome of a problem or tricky situation could have been altered had you done something different. Colleges ask this to see if you are able to learn from your past mistakes.

Be Bold When Answering Phone Interview Questions

Be bold, be confident and be ready to explain exactly who you are and what you want out of your college experience. Consider how you want to answer these types of questions so you'll be prepared to nail your interview.

Don't be nervous. You are a unique, smart individual applying for admission. And hey, if one college doesn't see your worth, another will. Keep searching until you find the perfect fit.

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