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Why Being a Medical Office Assistant Is a Great Career Option

Oct 24, 2017 | Harrison College

Why Being a Medical Office Assistant Is a Great Career Option

If you're dreaming of a career that allows you to help others while also enjoying steady hours and job security, medical assisting might be the answer.

As a medical office assistant, you'll enjoy a challenging, rewarding career, working in either the front room operations of a medical center or working directly in patient care as an assistant to doctors and other medical staff.

If you're wondering whether medical assisting might be a great career option for you, keep reading to learn more about the many benefits of this field.

A High Demand and a Growing Industry

If you're choosing to go back to school and invest in getting an education to start a new career, you'll want to choose a career that is in high demand. But just being in high demand isn't enough.

Careers centered on the latest trend may be in high demand, but they may not promise growth in the future. Just a few years after graduation, you could be left with a degree in an industry that has all but disappeared.

Instead, you need to choose a career that promises both high demand and future growth. That's what makes choosing a career as a medical office assistant a great choice.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the field of medical assisting is expected to grow by 23 percent between 2014 and 2024. The average rate of growth for all occupations recognized by the Bureau is just 7 percent for that same time period.

There are already more than 600,000 medical office assistant jobs in the U.S. today. Investing in a career in medical assisting will allow you to find steady employment for years to come.

Reasonable, Steady Hours

Whether you have a family, are planning to continue your education, or just want to have a life outside of your career, steady, reasonable hours are always a plus.

Most medical assisting jobs work on standard schedule. Your day will likely start around 8 or 9 a.m., and end around 4 or 5 p.m. Many offices are also closed on weekends or at least on Sundays.

This leaves your evenings and weekends free for you to enjoy however you choose.

Team Environment

As a medical assistant, you'll be a part of a time that includes doctors, insurance advisers, and other staff.

You'll get the chance to build teamwork skills and create lasting relationships with your coworkers. You'll also enjoy a range of other benefits that come with working as part of a team.

Studies have shown that teamwork increases productivity, improves morale and can even lead to improvements in the service that you provide to clients.

A Rewarding Career

As a medical assistant, your job will be to help patients get the care that they need. From ensuring that patient records are accurate, to assisting in medical procedures, you'll constantly be working to improve the lives of the patients in your care.

If you're looking for a rewarding way to improve the lives of others, medical assisting is a great option.

Start Working Towards a Career as a Medical Office Assistant Today

If you think that a career as a medical office assistant is the right choice for you, it's time to start getting the education you'll need to enter this exciting field.

Request more information today to learn about our medical assisting program, or any one of our many unique, rewarding degree options.

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