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Why You Should Enroll in Our Dental Assistant Program

Oct 8, 2017 | Harrison College

Why You Should Enroll in Our Dental Assistant Program

If you want a stable career with flexibility, becoming a dental assistant is your answer. The dental arts field is stable because everyone needs dental work -- from a child's annual check-up to the adult who needs a cavity filled.

Becoming a dental assistant gives you the chance to be a part of a team that gives back to the community and educates the importance of oral health.

You'll also learn about your teeth and your gums, and how they contribute to your overall health.

But before you can start your career as a dental assistant, you need the right education. Here's why you should enroll in our dental assistant program.

We Will Teach You All Required Tasks

There's a lot that goes into being a dental assistant. Dental patients regularly see dental assistants take x-rays or assist the dentist with certain procedures.

But dental assistants also help the dentist schedule appointments and keep records of their patients.

We know the skills required to become a dental assistant. Our dental assistant program provides hands-on teaching in areas such as sterilization, working chairside to the dentist, radiography, and dental impressions.

You Will Learn How to Work with Patients

Most dental schools will only teach you the procedures, medical skills, and the clerical work needed to become a dental assistant. But there's a major factor that's missing from these lessons: handling patients.

Handling patients can be rather difficult. This is why our dental assistant program gives you training in patient care.

We will teach you skills to stay professional while keeping patients calm. Having a compassionate approach to your work will allow a great relationship with patients and will always result in appointments run smoothly.

Become Registered as You Train for Your Diploma

Our program is unique because you take exams that qualify for your registration as you receive hands-on training to graduate with your diploma.

This makes our school different; not all dental schools offer comprehensive training with the flexibility to finish required exams.

This experience will help shape your career as a dental assistant.

You Finish School in a Short Amount of Time

If you're in need of a career, chances are you want to start your career in a short amount of time. Unlike other programs, our program helps you get registered and graduate in a year.

Because of its short timeframe, our program is very intense. But you will learn all of the essential skills in order to begin your dental assistant career.

Sign Up For Our Dental Assistant Program

You receive so many benefits when you start your education as a dental assistant. We teach you all necessary skills and how to handle patients. Our hands-on training is matched with required exams for registration.

Our program only lasts a year. When you graduate, you will have all of the proper training to start your career.

After you graduate, be sure to use our career placement service. We also assist with child care and other financial services.

Don't wait, apply now for our dental assistant program.

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