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May 23, 2016 | Harrison College

Why You Should Join a Student Organization in College

Trust us, we get it. Balancing college with work, family and other responsibilities can make for a busy life. So why add one more thing to your plate by joining a student organization?

Erin Burkholder, Harrison College Senior Director of Student Affairs, shares the following information on why college students shouldn’t pass on the opportunity to join student organizations and the history of how extracurricular activities came to be as we know them today.

The History of Extracurricular Activity

When the first American university was established in 1636 it was all studies, no fun. Then in the 1800’s, students rose up and not only demanded, but established what is now known as “extracurricular activities.”

The first student organization was a literary society, which eventually morphed into the fraternity system we are familiar with today. Somewhere along the line, university officials and researchers realized that by supporting extracurricular activities, they were actually enhancing the academic curriculum.

Fast forward to present day and you find that a large portion of the student experience occurs outside of the classroom, whether it be student events, experiential learning, internships and more, with the end goal being to develop a well-educated, well-rounded member of society.

Student Life at Harrison College

Here at Harrison we pride ourselves on providing a career-focused education and work to ensure our students receive industry-approved courses that will allow them to seamlessly transition into the workforce.  That said, we have not forgotten the importance of extracurricular activities and student engagement.

Whether it be a local volunteer opportunity, campus event, business partnership, internship or experiential learning opportunity, we work to create engagement opportunities for our students within our campus and local communities.

Get Involved!

So why should you, a future or current Harrison student, get involved in extracurricular activities? Getting involved with your campus community provides a wealth of benefits including meeting new friends, networking (you never know who might help you get that next job), support, professional development, fun, and resume building.

Additionally, research shows that students who get involved with their campus community have a higher academic success rate than those who do not. You’ve already taken the step toward earning your degree, so why not take the next step of getting involved and improving your chances of success?

We know you’re busy, but honor this commitment to yourself. Contact your campus today and inquire about how you can get involved!

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