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Learn how Harrison faculty and staff work with you to help meet your academic and career goals in Business, Veterinary Technology and Health Sciences.

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The Evansville campus offers a variety of business and veterinary classes to help you pursue degrees and careers accounting, human resources, management, finance, marketing and veterinary science.

Accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), our Veterinary Technology program allows you to your passion and expertise to use by caring for animals while improving your own life. You will get hands-on experience working with industry-standard equipment and, of course, the animals you love.

Whatever your interests are, we teach you the skills you need to enhance your confidence and problem-solving capabilities that will make you stand out on the path to your career.

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Attend Our Open House

Attend Our Open House

Kickstart your career goals by joining us on July 18 and 21. Take a tour, talk to staff and learn more about our programs.

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Instructors provide one-on-one tutoring to help you meet your education and career goals. 

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WellConnect is a free student assistance program that provides students and family members free, confidential, 24­hour access to a range of life services including but not limited to counseling, legal and financial consultations and health and wellness consultations.

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Letter from the President

Letter from the President
Heather Walls Evansville Campus President

Welcome to Harrison College Evansville! I applaud your decision to begin your academic journey with us. Our dedicated faculty and staff will help you ease into classes and understand how we operate with the Harrison Difference.

As a student, you will have multiple internet-based tools at your fingertips that will make learning efficient so that you have the time to take care of all those other responsibilities, such as working and/or raising a family.

As you begin your journey, it is important to plan for some events. First, begin thinking about the types of internship/externship opportunities you wish to pursue as early as possible. Program requirements vary, but know that completing an internship/externship is the best investment of your time you can make while enrolled with us. Secondly, engage in your campus and community. We offer many opportunities for you to become involved in one of our many community projects or our Barks ‘n’ Bubbles each summer. Lastly, if you need help, just ask! Our free tutoring is often an untapped resource.

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It will not always be easy. You will have days where you will be ready to give up because of life’s challenges, but you will quickly develop friendships that will serve as a support network. The faculty and staff will also be there to help when you feel overwhelmed. They know the challenges you may face and are committed to providing a supportive and empowering environment. Harrison also provides access to a free counseling service for all students and their families.
From the day that you apply, we will be there, and long after commencement, we will still be there to support you.

Welcome and congratulations on your decision to enroll in one of our many programs.

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