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If you have questions about how to pursue your dream career, explore any of the frequently asked questions below to find answers. We provide assistance in many areas, including information on creating a resume, writing a cover letter and preparing for interviews. For additional help, you can chat with a career services team member on weekdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. ET by clicking the Live Chat button.

"I'm extremely confident that I can get a job upon completing my bachelor's degree. The recommendations and the references that I've gained from completing my education at Harrison, nobody else's references will compare to that." Ashley, Student
Ashley, Student

How can Harrison help me with my resume, cover letter, portfolio, interview preparation and job application?

Our career services department and your HireHarrison account offer many resources, such as:

  • How to create a resume, cover letter and portfolio
  • How to prepare for an interview
  • How to search and apply for jobs
  • The ability to set up a one-on-one meetings with a member of the career services team

Sign in to your HireHarrison account, or visit the career services page.

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What are the best entry-level jobs for college graduates?

Depending on your college program, degree, experience in a particular field and your interests and goals, the best entry-level job can be different for everyone. However, knowing which jobs are in demand may help you better plan for life during college and after graduation. To find out more about jobs and related salaries, visit our company and industry research page.

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How can I gain professional experience before I graduate?

One of the best parts about earning your degree at Harrison is your ability to gain professional experience during internships and externships. We partner with many local companies and corporations who offer opportunities for you to work while you are enrolled in your chosen program. Many of our programs even require an internship and/or externship for you to qualify for graduation, which ensures that you will get the experience you need to be ready for a professional work environment. 

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How can Harrison help me get a job and improve my career?

Even after you graduate, you can speak with our career services representatives to discuss your career, especially if you are seeking a new job. We will work with you to put you on the path to success once again. Our goal with employment assistance is to make sure that you find fruitful opportunities that open the door to new career possibilities.

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How do I choose a career that is right for me?

If you are struggling to choose a career, we have good news: our career services department has career planning resources, such as personality and career assessments, that guide you while you find a fulfilling, lasting career. 

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