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Criminal Justice and Social Services Questions

Our criminal justice and social services programs present a variety of courses to help you better serve your community upon graduation. In the event that you do not find the answers you are looking for, feel free to contact one of our admissions representatives.

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Arthur, Alum

What is criminal justice and social services and what can a degree do for me?

Criminal justice is defined as the entire social system of laws and institutions put into place to enforce and maintain criminal law, penalize offenders and attempt to rehabilitate such individuals back into society. A degree in this field can provide opportunities for advancement, salary increases, better working conditions and mobility among different criminal justice careers.

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How do I earn an associate degree in criminal justice?

Students earn an associate degree in criminal justice by completing 96 credit hours in the criminal justice associate degree option. Required classes include general education courses, foundation classes and professional classes.

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Why do I need a degree to work in criminal justice and social services?

As Harrison College career counselors can demonstrate, salaries in criminal justice are usually based on a combination of three factors: proximity to physical danger, education and seniority.

Mitigation of Danger

For example, finding employment as a prison guard does not necessarily require a college education. However, a college degree in the field is paramount to promotions and taking on less dangerous supervisory roles. Further, education about crime, criminals and the legal system can help any beginner in the field manage situations more safely and effectively.

Possibility of Higher Wages

Many government or public positions pay individuals based on a scale of experience and education.

Earning a Harrison College criminal justice degree can possibly earn an employee a higher salary under these circumstances.

Opportunity for Promotion

Many supervisory positions require the minimum of an associate degree in criminal justice, while professional managerial roles may require a bachelor’s or master’s degree in the field. The greater your degree of education, the more options you may have for employment opportunities. Harrison can prepare you for higher-level duties and responsibilities through its criminal justice programs.

More Job Opportunities

Individuals who have earned a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from Harrison can consider a wider range of careers than those who have only completed their high school diplomas. For instance, instead of having only one or two limited positions to choose from, a Harrison bachelor’s degree graduate can work in fields as varied as a probation officer, courts background investigator, prison administrator or police detective.

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Can I earn a degree in criminal justice online?

Harrison students can earn either an associate or bachelor’s degrees in criminal justice online—without attending a physical classroom.

For students who are unable to attend one of our six physical campuses offering these studies, our online classes allow students at any location to, participate in class work and complete either the Criminal Justice Associate of Applied Science Degree program or a Criminal Justice Bachelor’s degree.

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With criminal justice, what are my career opportunities?

The range of criminal justice careers is enormous, so an associate degree or a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from Harrison can prepare you to apply for and work in hundreds of positions. That is why this field and these degrees are among the most popular we offer. We prepare individuals for available positions and ones they want to work in as careers—not just “jobs.”

Criminal Justice Associate Degree

An associate degree in criminal justice from Harrison is not simply a stepping-stone to a bachelor’s degree from our institution. Rather, it provides you with the basic skills and a foundation to seek employment as a police officer, sheriff’s deputy, corrections officer, security guard, loss prevention specialist, probation/parole case manager, a criminologist’s assistant, a clerical position in any of these fields and hundreds more.

Criminal Justice Bachelor’s Degree

Should you decide to pursue your bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from Harrison, you will be ready to step into positions available for associate degree graduates and more. With experience and solid work performance, you can also place yourself in positions for promotions and supervisory work.

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