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Education for Veterans Questions

To help you figure out if Harrison College is right for you as a veteran, we have compiled some common questions that may give you some helpful answers. In the event that you do not find the answers you are looking for, please explore our resources for military students. You may also send a message to an admissions representative or call 888.500.1026, and we will be glad to answer your questions.

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"I wanted to go back to school to make my daughter proud." Sean, Student
Sean, Student

How easy is it for me to go back to school as a veteran?

You may find that your military experience has taught you valuable work and study skills unavailable to many civilian students. You may have learned the benefits of discipline, organization and accountability. Many times, your skills are so highly recognized that you may be able to obtain college credits for documented military experience. You may even be able to test out of certain courses.

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How much will college cost me?

A number of things can determine how much your tuition will cost, like the type of financial aid you receive, the program you are entering and the time it takes to earn your degree. Our admissions representatives can help determine what tuition will cost for you, as well as help you find and apply for relevant financial aid opportunities.

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Is there any financial aid available for veterans?

Yes! Financial aid options are available. Options include:

  • Benefits through the general GI Bill
  • Vocational Rehabilitation benefits if you have a military service-connected disability
  • Harrison College Military Service Award
  • Military Tuition Assistance

Learn more about military financial aid.

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How will a college education help my career after the military?

A college education can provide you with the means to advance your career, prepare you for a professional work environment and offer you more employment options in a more stable job market. Plus, you may even be able to earn more money than other people without a college education. 

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How can I choose a career path and degree that will best leverage my military experience?

In addition to the guidance offered by career services and admissions representatives at Harrison, veterans and military students can also take advantage of VA resources, like CareerScope—a computerized, comprehensive online assessment. The test is designed to help individuals identify college degrees or educational programs that best fit their military training, aptitudes and post-discharge career aspirations. If you would like more information about your future career, discover resources from our career services department.  

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