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Harrison College Program Questions

We want to ensure that you make the best decision for your future education, so we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about our academic programs. In the event that you do not find the answers you are looking for, please contact one of our admissions representatives.

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"What I like about Harrison more than other schools is the way the program is geared toward the student." Jeffery, Culinary Arts
Jeffery, Culinary Arts

How are Harrison’s online programs different from other online programs?

With so many online degree programs to choose from today, it is almost impossible to know which one can provide the best education and attention for you. At Harrison, we pride ourselves on being a support network for students to get the help they need when they need it. 

In fact, we offer support through our online learning management system which can help you solve technical and computer problems along with many other issues related to your online studies.

Most of all, we have a variety of associate and bachelor’s degrees, so you can earn the degree that suits your career goals. At Harrison, you will not be limited to only a few career options.

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What college classes can I take online?

If you have been putting off earning a degree due to job responsibilities and other time constraints, consider applying to one of our online degree programs. Many of our degrees can be earned through online classes, allowing you to continue working while in school.

We offer an extensive selection of online classes—in certificates, as well as associate and bachelor’s degrees—in a number of subject areas.

All classes for our business and information technology degrees are available completely online. Online business program concentrations include accounting, management, and hospitality management. Information technology programs include the associate degree in network administration and the bachelor’s degree in information technology.

The health sciences programs are mostly available online, with the exception of some associate degrees, as they require lab work and other hands-on training.

Online health sciences degrees are available in health care management, medical assisting, medical billing and coding diploma and the RN-BSN program.

On-campus-only degrees include the associate degree in nursing, associate degree in medical laboratory technology, associate degree in surgical technology, associate degree in therapeutic and clinical massage and associate degrees in culinary arts and pastry arts.

Want to know more about classes you can take online? The online programs page provides a full list of our online degree options.

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What business programs does Harrison offer?

If you have a knack for managing finances, planning projects or making sales, a business career could be perfect for you. Harrison offers a large selection of business programs that can help you move from a dead-end job to a rewarding career. 

We have business programs leading to associate and bachelor’s degrees, as well as a few diploma and certificate options. Most degrees are available both on-campus and online, so you can choose the type of education that works best for you.

Associate degree options

An associate degree in business covers the fundamentals of a business-related job and prepares you for a starting role in your desired field. Associate degrees are offered in the following concentrations: accounting, and management. 

Not all business program courses revolve around economics and presentation skills (although those are covered, too). For instance, the accounting program focuses heavily on finance and math courses.

Bachelor’s degree options

Bachelor’s degrees expand on what is taught in the associate programs and help you develop skills that allow you to move up in your profession. You can earn a bachelor’s degree in these programs: accounting, business management, human resources and hospitality management.

Bachelor’s courses focus on training students for leadership roles, so most classes are management-related. They also teach advanced business subjects like ethics, psychology and international business practices. The Hospitality Management Degree program specifically covers current trends in the industry, how other industries affect hospitality and quality management techniques.

With a business degree, you have the opportunity to work in a variety of environments including government agencies, financial institutions, advertising agencies, schools and consulting practices. With the right degree and training, you may even be able to start your own business someday! 

If you are tired of being underpaid at your current job or if you want to reach higher career goals, increase your chances of finding a rewarding career with a degree from Harrison. 

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What online nursing programs does Harrison offer?

Today, nurses are increasingly being encouraged to go back to school and earn their degrees. But if you are working full-time and cannot afford to reduce your hours—or quit work altogether—to attend college, a degree can seem unrealistic.

You can earn your RN-BSN degree online, which assists you in transferring your skills as a registered nurse to the Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing program. 

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How do I choose a major?

Determining what type of career you want to pursue can be intimidating. Unless you have known since childhood what specific career you wanted to pursue, you may be stuck trying to figure out how to choose a major that you will enjoy both now and in the future. We recommend using our career assessment tool as a guide to finding out which career may be right for you.

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