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"The thing I enjoy about Harrison is its unique experience as far as class size as well as the one-on-one instruction I get from all of my professors." Nick, Medical Assisting
Nick, Medical Assisting

What is a BSN nurse?

A BSN nurse is a registered nurse who has completed a Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree program. This means that BSN nurses often have advanced knowledge and skills, which may result in an easier path into managerial and supervisory positions.

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What is a typical registered nurse's salary?

Nursing is one of the fastest-growing professions. In fact, registered nurse was named the #1 job on the 2015 Hoosier Hot 50 Jobs, based on expected demand and wages in 2022 for the state of Indiana. Most nurses bring home a competitive salary, although how much a registered nurse makes depends upon his or her education, specialization and geographical area. However, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the typical registered nurse salary was a median annual wage of $65,950 in 2011.

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How can I earn my nursing degree online?

Harrison College nursing students can earn their bachelor’s degree in nursing entirely online, but the associate degree must be completed on-campus, due to the amount of lab work and clinical hours needed to graduate. To learn more, read about our online studies, our ASN program or our RN-BSN program

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What does a bachelor’s degree in nursing get me?

A bachelor’s degree in nursing allows you to gain advanced nursing, science and liberal arts theoretical knowledge, critical thinking/clinical reasoning skills, evidence-based inquiry, effective communication skills and leadership skills to guide the care of diverse patient populations, care of the community and management of other health care providers. A BSN also provides the degree holder with more job security, greater flexibility, a path to earning a master’s degree, becoming a nurse practitioner and—in many cases—an increase in pay.

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How long will it take me to earn a degree in nursing through Harrison?

In general, completion of an associate degree in nursing typically requires two years of full-time study, while a bachelor’s degree requires four years of full-time study. Depending on course scheduling, earning a degree in nursing can take different amounts of time. We do our best to work around your schedule to find class times and program paths that work for you. If you decide to take a full course load (12 credit hours per quarter or more), you may be able to finish in seven or eight quarters. Transfer credits and testing out will also affect your program length. 

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Which medical assisting programs does Harrison College offer online?

Harrison offers a Medical Office Assistant Certificate program. It typically takes one year to complete this certificate.

Download these program sheets to learn more:

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What is a medical assisting degree?

A medical assisting certificate provides you with the skills necessary to perform administrative front office duties that are essential in today’s health care field. Harrison College designed its medical office assistant program to provide you skills essential to keeping a medical office running, including patient interaction, facility support, scheduling, and health information management protocol.

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Which medical assisting programs does Harrison offer?

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What is a typical medical assistant’s salary?

The amount medical assistants make depends on their area of practice, specializations, their education, certification and tenure. According to the CAAHEP, the average entry-level salary for a medical assistant is $22,650.

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What other programs does Harrison offer in The School of Health Sciences?

Harrison offers many other programs, including a Health Care Management program and Therapeutic Clinical Massage program, through the School of Health Sciences. Learn more by visiting the School of Health Sciences

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