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The Chef's Academy Culinary Programs

The Chef’s Academy at Raleigh-Durham gives food-inspired students the opportunity to grow their passion into a career.

If you love to cook or bake—or have always wanted to learn—our Culinary Arts and Pastry Arts Associate programs offer you opportunities to gain professional experience through in-class experience and internships and externships before you graduate. We are here to help you grow in your academic, professional and personal life, but only you can make the next step to becoming a chef and fulfilling your goals.


At The Chef’s Academy, we approach education by providing a support system that helps our students achieve their own success through hard work and dedication. Discover more about culinary arts and pastry arts below.

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"My favorite part of attending The Chef’s Academy is that everyone is personal—the administration, the chefs and the teachers." Jasmine, Culinary Arts
Jasmine, Culinary Arts

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